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All donations will go directly to removing dangerous & illegal guns from circulation

Taking Guns Off the Streets with the Eric Reyes Foundation


My boy, Eric Reyes, was 18 years of age when he was murdered. He was shot in the back twice while driving in Vallejo. His life was taken on February 6, 2016 -- the second homicide of the year. He came across 3 dangerous individuals at a intersection who followed him and murdered him.  Eric was a 4.0 student at Jesse Bethel High School, all while working part-time.  Due to Vallejo's high homicide rate, and in memory of my son, I'm helping bring a gun buyback to Vallejo. The last gun buyback in our city was in 2013, when 344 guns were collected.  Please help make our citizens and community safer by DONATING TODAY. Together with the Vallejo Police Department, we can help pay people for their unwanted firearms - NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Every donation will help take an illegal or unwanted gun off the streets. Help me protect our families.
Fundraising for: Vallejo Gun Buyback