We are gun owners and supporters of the 2nd Amendment. We advocate for RESPONSIBLE gun ownership via gun safety education and training, reducing purchasing loopholes through more thorough background checks, and protecting the lives of children and innocents. Please help make our citizens and communities safer by DONATING TODAY to support our Gun Buy Back Events in March 2017 (to be held on March 11th, March 18th, and March 25th). Together with The City of Miami Police Department, our collections will pay people for their unwanted firearms - NO QUESTIONS ASKED.  Every donation collected will help take an illegal or unwanted gun off the streets. What better way is there to make our streets immediately, visibly safer?  Our goal?  To take 1,000 guns off the streets of Miami -and with your help, YES, we CAN!

Fundraising for: Miami Gun Buyback



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Half way towards removing a gun

Your $50 donation gets us half way towards removing a gun from LA. Find a friend and finish the job!


Remove a gun from circulation

Your donation of $100 will remove a dangerous gun from circulation. That's one less gun that will be able to kill, injure, or threaten somebody in LA.


Take an assault weapon off the streets

Your donation of $200 is enough to remove a military-style assault weapon off the streets.


Major Funder

Your $500 donation will remove five dangerous guns from circulation - that's enough to arm a small militia.


Game Changer

You will single-handedly remove 10 dangerous guns out of circulation - that's enough to have a transformative impact on our community.

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