More guns off the streets

Our mission is to empower people to remove dangerous guns from their community. Help GunXGun expand into those communities across America. We are a registered 501c3 so all donations are fully tax deductible.

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Half way towards removing a gun

Your $50 donation gets us half way towards removing a gun from LA. Find a friend and finish the job!


Remove a gun from circulation

Your donation of $100 will remove a dangerous gun from circulation. That's one less gun that will be able to kill, injure, or threaten somebody in LA.


Take an assault weapon off the streets

Your donation of $200 is enough to remove a military-style assault weapon off the streets.


Major Funder

Your $500 donation will remove five dangerous guns from circulation - that's enough to arm a small militia.


Game Changer

You will single-handedly remove 10 dangerous guns out of circulation - that's enough to have a transformative impact on our community.